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What Is Unlimited FREEDOM INFINITE 4?

Unlimited FREEDOM INFINITE 4 is the WORLDS ONLY Infinity x 4 Matrix developed and run by a team of experienced Internet Marketers.

We have all been robbed of our time, money and patience at some point in our online adventures.

Some of us still can’t get around it due to all sorts of guru figures, shady website owners, team leaders plugging everyone under themselves and lets not forget old dinosaur programs still stacked in 1992 with enormous trunk of corpses and sneaky representatives.

Unlimited FREEDOM  was funded, developed and is run by Team FREEDOM UNLIMITED. A team of extremely ambitious people, just like you who desperately needed a good fair solution. 

Made for members by members.

How It Works

When you become a member and upgrade your account by paying $1 Dollar a month you’ll gain access to our Ad Rotator where we will add your link. Your link will be displayed FULL PAGE using the most popular traffic platforms. You will receive a set amount of unique visitors depending on your membership plan. By upgrading to Bronze Plan, you will receive 100 unique visitors every month.

You will also be placed in the Unlimited FREEDOM “Infinity x 4 Matrix”. Featuring INFINITE 4 Expansion™. You can refer as many people as you want. The more people you refer, the larger your matrix becomes down each level. We recommend that you refer at least 6 people.

Please keep in mind that we are a Team and are willing to help members promote their business. We will help all active members get PAID  members in their network, building them a stable, solid business with steady residual passive income coming every month.

Fully Comprehensive Free Traffic Sources Course And Leadership Training Provided

How Much Does It Cost?

This great program is affordable to everyone. It is only $1 Dollar a month. Refer at least 6 people and as your network starts to grow, you can earn unlimited monthly income. We are not going to fill your head with tricky tables and graphs containing out of blue predictions. Below you will find all details regarding our Compensation Plan and because everyone is different, you can do your numbers yourself for your convenience.

Compensation Plan:

We are offering INFINITY x 4 Matrix.

You can have as many members in your matrix as you want. There is no limits. Your Matrix is set at 4 levels and you are profiting from four levels deep:

  • Level 1 – 35%
  • Level 2 – 20%
  • Level 3 – 10%
  • Level 4  5%

You will benefit on all upgrades in your network, provided that your upgrade is equal or greater than upgrade of your referral in question.

If your upgrade is lower than yours, your profits from this member will be stored for you until you are ready to upgrade. 

Upgrade Plans:

Bronze Plan 100:

Good. $1/month. You will receive 100 Visitors on the Ad Rotator.

Sliver Plan 250:

Better. $2/month. You will receive 250 Visitors on the Ad Rotator.

Gold Plan 1500:

Best. $10/month. You will receive 1500 Visitors on the Ad Rotator.

Platinum Plan 35000:

Ultimate. $200/month. You will receive  35000 Visitors EVERY MONTH!

Free Memberships expire after 14 days of signup without UPGRADE.

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Annual Subscriptions Are available Get 12 Months Membership For the price of 10!!!

Low Minimum Withdrawal Set At $10!!!

You Can upgrade With:


Bank Transfer

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Free Member
Free Membership valid for 14 days.
Bronze Plan 100 Visitors
$1/month. You will receive 100 Visitors on the Ad Rotator.
Silver Plan 250 Visitors
$2/month. You will receive 250 Visitors on the Ad Rotator.
Gold Plan 1500 Visitors
$10/month. You will receive 1500 Visitors on the Ad Rotator.
Platinum Plan 35000 Visitors
$200/month. You will receive 35000 Visitors on the Ad Rotator.
Bronze Annual
Bronze Annual Plan. 12 months for the price of 10!